Accessories – Some Thoughts

Aside from the functionality of the iPod, itself, one of the most desirable aspects of iPod ownership is the capability of personalising the device, and the listening experience.

You can, for example, choose an Ipod case (or “skin”, as some are known, particularly those made from silicon) in blossom pink leather, or neoprene-lined, machined aluminium – which not only protects your investment, but may also say something about who you are. The Griifn Chameleon, for example, is a from-fitting, rubber case, and the Vakaadoo iVak Domino model is made from hard, shock-proof plastic.

Bear in mind that iPod cases, like any other iPod accessories, may be designed for specific iPod models. Headphones, too, can be both practical, and make a personal statement. The trademark, white, headphones, typically included with the iPod, are also available in black, or can be customised with coloured earphone enhancers that improve comfort, volume and bass. You may prefer a different style of headphone altogether, and many leading manufacturers are now producing iPod-compatible headphones. Examples include iBeat USA Illuminating Headphones for iPods, and Sennheiser PMX 60 headphones.

For drivers, at least, those who are not fortunate to own a top-of-the-range Mercedes, there are cassette deck adaptors, FM tuners – which allow you to broadcast your favourite music, wirelessly to your car radio – in-car chargers of many different varieties, and pads and holders to keep your iPod firmly in place.

If you’re intending to use your iPod at home, you should, perhaps consider a docking station, or “dock”, and iPod HiFi speakers, which will allow your iPod to become a HiFi console. The Xitel Hi-Fi Link for iPod, for example, allows you to connect your iPod to your home stereo speakers.


Think carefully about how you use, or will use, your iPod, and buy your accessories wisely. A docking station that doubles as a toilet roll holder (yes, really) may have some “novelty” value, but won’t be of great use if your iPod lies in pieces because you should really have spent your budget on a decent armoured case, and belt clip.