Add Album Art to iTunes

To add album art to iTunes there are two basic methods. You could attempt to add it in by scanning through your iTunes library looking for missing artwork then attempt to locate it and download it from the internet. The thing is, this is a very dull and labour intensive process! Your other option is to use an album artwork downloader plug-in which can add album art to iTunes automatically. A good album artwork downloader will save you loads of time and will allow you to add in missing album covers at the touch of a button. Like the sound of that? Then keep reading!

You end up with missing album art by downloading or copying music which does not have the correct album cover files. When your music has this missing, your iTunes collection looks really boring and you are missing out on a great feature. However trying to add album artwork without the help of software is very time consuming. Also if information in your iTunes collection is incomplete or inaccurate you may not even know what exactly the track is. So first you will need to correctly label all your music before trying to find the album artwork.

The great news is that some of the album artwork downloading software available these days can also analyse your iTunes library and correct or add in missing labels. So if a track in your collection is tagged ‘unknown’ by ‘unknown’ the more advanced iTunes clean up programmes can still identify which track it really is and fill in the missing information and download the correct album art for that track. The really cutting edge iTunes organizer programmes can distinguish individual tracks by their id3 tag which is like a fingerprint for music. They then use this fingerprint to add album art and fill in track and album information to iTunes. As the information comes from an online database you can be sure that all your music will be labelled correctly. Your music collection will end up organized and categorized making it much more enjoyable to use.

I strongly advise using software to add album art to iTunes as it is far simpler and more precise than attempting to do it on your own. Some of the software available today has many features which will clean and organize your iTunes music library far beyond the artwork. The important features to look for when deciding on an iTunes clean up software are:

Ability to identify songs which are misspelled or incorrectly labelled and update to the correct information
Ability to download missing album cover art
Ability to identify duplicate tracks and test which is the best quality copy