All You Need to Know About iPod Headphones

An indispensable part of the youth life today is an iPod. The portable music player, launched by Apple, has revolutionized the concept of listening to music as a favorite past time. And when we are talking about listening to music, the headphone being used better be good. The iPod headphones are available in a range of prices marketed by Apple itself. Sometimes headphones compatible with iPods are available under the banner of other electronic goods company. However, it is always advisable to buy iPod headphones from Apple only.

The iPod headphones also called iPod earbuds are manufactured only in Japan by Fostex Corporation. They are a style statement in themselves and have become iconic earphones, available in white colour, which ship with all music players designed and marketed by Apple Inc.

There are currently five varieties available in the Apple headphones:

The basic Apple Earphones which ships with all iPods. However it is not compatible with the 3rd Gen. Shuffle and 3rd Gen. Touch. It also does not come with any control system.

The Shuffle Apple Headphones which ships only with the 3rd Gen. Shuffle. It comes with a remote control.

Apple Earphones compatible with the iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3rd Gen and also sold independently. It is available with microphone and remote control system.

The “premium” Apple In-Ear Headphones which also comes with remote and microphone. It has been introduced in September 2008 itself.

The iPhone Stereo Headset equipped with an additional clicker and remote located at the right side of the headphones. The iPhone headset differs from the Apple Headphones with remote and microphone by not including the volume control.

The pricing of the iPod heat sets or headphones differs according to feature available. Some of the prices have been listed below:

Apple stereo headset is priced at about $16.99. It works with iPods and other MP3/MP4 players and is equipped with a 3.5mm plug.

Apple MB770G/A earphones, equipped wit microphone and remote, is priced between $8 to $29.

iPod Nano Headset is priced between $14 -$21. It is completely wireless, no batteries require and come with adjustable headband which fits snugly over your head.

Motorola S9-HD Bluetooth Stereo Headset priced at $59. It is compatible with Apple iPods, especially the 4th generation iPods.

Sony MDR-AS50G Sport Earbud Headphones, also compatible with iPods, especially used during sports practice, priced at $30.44.

Here are some tips for buying iPod headsets or headphones:

1.Of the several varieties available select the type that would best suit your iPod. Decide if you want headphones or ear plugs/buds.

2.Make sure ear cups are comfortable

3.Decide on a budget. The features you are looking for can affect your budget.

4.Your iPod headphone will differ according to the type of music you are listening to. Make sure your headphone is suited to your need.

5.Do internet research about the brand and requirements, budget before buying.

6.Preferably buy Apple products for best results.