Apple Game Center For iPod Touch

Apple has introduced game center. It is basically social gaming network for iPod touch 4.1 user. Now with game center you can play games with your friend or with other iPod touch user.

Apple Game Center Features:

1. With it now you can easily play games with your friends or anybody with that game center account. It brings multi player gaming.

2. Here is a chance to beat your friends in games. You just need to send an email, add them using your id and beat them. It is really fun.

3. Now you can play thousand of games on it. Just download them and enjoy playing them. This will also increase your social gaming network.

4. You can take the advantage this application on iPhone 4, iPod touch 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 2. This are the compatible gadgets for IOS 4.1.

5. If you are interested in joining. You need to have free Apple id for this. Create an free iTunes account. You can use the same account for this app too.

How To Join Apple Game Center

If you already have iTunes account that you can use it. Many people still stuck to create iTunes account. Here is the step by step tutorial that allows multi player gaming.

1. Download iTunes 10, launch it and choose create an account. Make sure you are connected to internet browser.
2. Agree to their terms and condition and create Apple id.
3. Since you don’t want to buy anything, choose none option.
4. Verify your email address.
5. Use this id for playing.