Apple iPod Nano Third Gen 4 GB

Coming with a built in four GB memory space, the Apple iPod Nano Third Gen Silver 4 GB MA978LL/A is the better alternative to any four GB iPod available in the market.

Apple has been known for its electronic products like notebooks, the Mac book, mobile phones, iPods etc. So, coming from Apple, this 4 GB iPod is bound to be classy and gives good performance.

Let us now look into what the Apple iPod Nano Third Gen Silver 4 GB MA978LL/A has in store for you. The memory of the product is not expandable and you can store about a thousand songs in it. The type of audio formats supported by the machine is MP3, AIFF, Audible, Mp3 VBR, WAV and AAC.

Besides the huge range of audio formats supported, the MP3 bit rate of the product is also huge. 16 kbps-320 kbps is not a joke for any iPod! However, the product will also allow you a frequency response at 20 Hz-20,000 Hz.

The Apple iPod Nano Third Gen Silver 4 GB MA978LL/A will give video support to any type of MPEG-4 or H.264 video type. These files are among the only ones that can be viewed in this iPod. Here, too, the bit rate is fast enough at 25000 kbps.

Even the resolution of the video is great, about 640X480. No matter how many good properties you try to talk about and finish off with, more and more qualities emerge that makes possessing an Apple iPod worthwhile.

All the necessary information that you might require when you are listening to the songs and your iPod is on the standby screen, are flashed. For example, the battery life remaining, the time lapsed since the song started to play and the lists of songs that are coming up are all displayed on the screen of the product.

Also when you are transferring music to your system, the number of songs transferred and the number of songs pending is shown. While charging, the battery blinker does all to tell you whether the Apple iPod Nano Third Gen Silver 4 GB MA978LL/A needs more charge or has been fully charged. As such, you can say that the screen display is very effective.

Like all other Apple iPods, this one too has only two connector jacks, one for the USB and one for the headphones. A charging jack is not required since the Apple iPod Nano Third Gen Silver 4 GB MA978LL/A is charged through the USB port only. The product also comes with everything from games, to address book to clock etc.

But, the best thing is its size, enough to fit in your pocket snugly so that you can carry an entire world of music around with you.