Apple Nano iPod Chromatic (4th Generation of Nano iPod)

I have not used an iPod before and hence I have a neutral perspective when it comes to Mp3 players. This is good when you are comparing devices used for the same purpose. When you hear slogans like “nothing can be better than an iPod” it makes us wonder if people say it because they are biased or it’s the brand loyalty that makes them say so. Or is the iPod really the best among the best. Well what is there in this comparison if we don’t include the ipod’s from Apple. So let’s have a review of the Nano iPod Chromatic from Apple.

Since it comes after 4 generations this Nano iPod has undergone lot of changes that it makes it tempting to upgrade. It has two versions with two different storage sizes of 16 GB and 8 GB which is actually double the size of the Nano ipod’s belonging to the 3rd generation. As the name suggests this new Nano iPod chromatic is much thinner when compared to its predecessor and has a design which is slightly curved. It is available in 9 vibrant colours.

Since I have never actually tested any of the other iPods it will be very difficult for me to actually comment on the interface difference but I must admit that the feature of Wii-like is definitely new. To be more precise I was more than impressed with its all new two movement functionalities. We can change the display from landscape to portrait by just tilting it to the side or having it straight up. This is just not for the sake of fun; it also lets us locate the songs more easily. The other feature that is motion induced is shaking the Nano iPod Chromatic for shuffling the songs in the play list. One has to bear in mind that this cant be achieved by just wiggling the iPod This acts as a preventive measure in stopping the songs from shuffling when the iPod gets bumped accidentally or when it moves in the pocket when one is moving.

Apple never makes a compromise in the quality of sound when producing its iPods. I knew this was true when I listened to the Chromatic personally. Now I know why people go gaga on the sound quality of the iPod nano 8gb. As a result I am more than impressed with quality and detail the Chromatic gives. Both the treble and bass are excellent. Its surprising that the Chromatic is priced at such a lesser amount in spite of coming with all those amazing features. There is no doubt that one would never want to purchase any of the other mp3 players available in the market after listening to the iPod.