Best iPod Headphones

If you use your iPhone for listening to music as well as for phone communications, finding a set of earbuds that performs well in both modes can be challenging. The one obvious feature that needs to be included is a microphone integrated into the headset. Many manufacturers offer a version of some of their popular models with a microphone added. In many cases the model number is the same except a suffix letter such as “M” is added to the models with a microphone included.

If you plan on using your earphones predominantly for listening to music, I would suggest making the final selection based on the audio quality of the earbuds. If telephone use is heavily anticipated, be primarily concerned with such issues as microphone clarity, microphone volume adjustments, and ease of initializing and terminating calls.

For those looking for headphones for the primary purpose of deriving maximum enjoyment of listening to music, in my opinion, there are two primary considerations. The most obvious attribute is that the earbuds should reproduce the music in a manner that is pleasing and non-fatiguing to the listener. Needless this is a very subjective, and is subject to personal opinion. Different models of phones are known to cater to different portions of the frequency range. So if you are a base lover, look for a set that is known for representing the base frequencies well. Of course the audiophile purist is looking for accurate reproduction across the entire audio frequency range.

The best way to narrow down you choice is to visit an online resource that feature access to owner reviews and product descriptions. Many have targeted information about the best iPod headphones and the best iPhone headphones.