Bose iPod Dock and Bose on Ear Headphones

Bose has created the Bose iPod dock and Bose on ear headphones both of which are technology that no music aficionado should be without. Ever since its inception we have all learned to fall in love with our iPod. Its ability to give us the freedom of taking music anywhere at any time has now become something that we take for granted however because the iPod comes with earphones we often don’t have a method for enjoying their music in a more open manner. Luckily for us Bose has come to the rescue with the Bose iPod dock you now have the ability to take your music anywhere and then dock your iPod allowing you to turn your living room into a concert hall, amphitheater, rap concert or rock show. The Bose iPod dock plugs in to any household plug allowing you to then place your iPod on the docking station and take pleasure in the crisp clean sound that we’ve come to expect from Bose. While sitting on this docking station your iPod will recharge making this dual function docking station a great addition to any iPod owning individual.

The Bose on ear headphones do the exact opposite of what the Bose iPod dock does. The Bose on ear headphones have a noise canceling technology that allows you to be in a crowded bar and listen to your favorite concerto uninterrupted and worry free. Due to this noise canceling technology the Bose on ear headphones become a must for any real music connoisseur. These headphones are outfitted with rechargeable lithium ion batteries that have an expected charge life of around 25 hours. Instead of being an additional add on the charger comes standard and allows you to recharge your Bose on ear headphones using any standard household plug. These headphones cradle your ears producing an acoustic seal that is both comfortable and capable of creating an indescribable musical experience.

These features on both the Bose iPod dock and the Bose on ear headphones make each of these pieces a necessary addition to the collection of anyone who has a passion for music.