Business Applications For Your iPod Touch

If you are a business person you probably know the iPod is not just a great gadget for fun and entertainment but also a powerful business tool that can be used to make some of the business tasks easier to manage.

Here are the top 3 business applications I use on my iPod!

Tracking money and expenses is always important for both business and personal expenses. Back in the days, I used to have a pen and pencil with me all the time to write down expenses. Then came electronic organizers and personal information managers. Now, it’s the iPod! With the use of the JustAddMoney Expense Tracker, you can add receipts, credit card or cash purchases and even checks, organize data into accounts and generate reports. Being a multi user application, you can use it with family or business colleagues.

We all have tens of accounts on different websites and probably more than 3 passwords. There are solutions for securely storing those passwords on your personal computer but what happens when you need access to your passwords when you’re away from your computer? This is where the Mobile Password Safe application comes in handy. The app offers offers a secure location for storing multiple account data and passwords and it can also organize information into categories.

Back in the days, we used to store contacts in our phone address books. Today, we have contacts in Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook as well as in our phones. With the use of Contact Hero, you can collect, organize and manage contacts from various sources like the above mentioned ones and get to have access to all of your contacts in one, mobile place!

The beauty of the iPod is that developers have created dozens of business application so there is a good chance that someone has created the exact application to match your business needs!