Communication Made Easy

The iTouch was developed predominantly as an advanced version of the iPod that allowed for more features than just storing music and movies and photo media. However, the iPod actually serves as a great device for communication, one that is almost on a par with the features and services of a phone without the contract. Though it does not have actual phone capabilities, it comes with just enough features to make it a useful device for communicating. For example, you can easily connect the iTouch with Internet connection, wi-fi networks, and other wireless devices that it will pick up automatically. Once it has access to Internet, you have the ability to open the doors of communication wide.

You can access the Internet, including your email, which allows you to compose messages to people and check your own messages. This allows you to keep in touch on the go and send and receive important things wherever you have Internet. You will get pop up notifications so that you know exactly when to check your email. Also, the App store allows you to choose many applications that make communicating an easy feat to accomplish with this device.

For example, the App store offers a Facebook and Twitter application, both free of charge. These apps place the social networks on your iTouch so that with one click you will be logged into your social networking website and will be able to read up on peoples’ updates and make your own updates no matter where you are, as long as you are connected to the Internet. You can keep in touch with people through those applications in many ways. You can chat with them through the chat features, leave messages, write on walls, make post comments and Tweets and do all of the things that you could do from your computer or with a smart phone.

Also you can download other apps, such as Text Free, which allows you to text without any charge to other peoples’ phones or iTouches or to anyone who has the application. Text Free supplies you with a personal number that you can share with others so that you can send and receive texts even if you do not have a phone plan. The AIM app allows you to install AOL Instant Messenger straight to your iTouch so you can sign onto your account with a single tap and be connected to all your friends. This will let anyone reach you at any time, as you can keep yourself signed on at all hours and receive notifications and alerts throughout the day.

Finally, you can even install Skype to your iTouch which will allow you to be able to have Skype to Skype conversations with your device. You can make calls to other users of Skype and use your headphones to listen. All iTouches that are above second generation come with an installed microphone so you can talk to people using your iTouch device. A device that seemed the ideal music and media storage unit is now an excellent communication device, as well.