How an iTunes Fixer Can Automatically Cleanup Your iTunes Library

Are you having problems trying to fix iTunes without accidentally screwing up your whole song library? If the answer is yes then I will tell you how you can quickly and easily solve all of your problems at just a few clicks of a button.

How To Fix iTunes

To fix your iTunes library you will have two options. You could sort out everything yourself or you could download an iTunes fixer program.

Option one could take a very long time and you still might not be able to get all of the information you could be missing. Option two is the more realistic method if you want to do a thorough job, make it quick and simple and don’t want to lose any data.

When people decide to sort everything out themselves they will very often delete the wrong files and make other mistakes like misspell song titles. In this case you could spend even more time trying to find everything you did wrong and put in back into place. Imagine making these mistakes on a library with hundreds or even thousands of songs. And to make matters worse each time you upload or download a new album you will just have to repeat the whole process.

Using software could save you hours or even days of organizing and it wont make silly mistakes.

What iTunes Fixer Software You Could Use When Organizing Your iTunes Library

It is highly recommended that if you want to fix iTunes quickly and easily that you use an iTunes organizer program called Tidy Songs.

Tidy Songs is very straightforward and has a simple three step iTunes fixer process.

1. It will scan your library for errors and mistakes.

2. When the scan is complete it will list all of the duplicates, broken songs and misspelled song titles. You will then have a choice of what to do with them. You could either repair or remove the songs.

3. Tidy Songs will do exactly what you asked to your entire library. It will even add any missing artwork or band information.

This entire process will be completed in just a matter of minutes.