How to Completely Uninstall iTunes

This morning, Jack told me that he needed to uninstall iTunes of the current version from his laptop. Because it made wired sound since his computer suddenly froze last night. However, he couldn’t see any available option to allow him to uninstall any product of the iTunes on the Add or Remove Programs on Control Panel. So, how to completely uninstall iTunes from Windows? As far as I am concerned there are three ways to achieve this goal.

Reinstall and then uninstall iTunes of higher version with the removal utility of Control Panel. And the specific instruction are as follows
1. Re-download and install the iTunes
2. Go to Start menu
3. Select Control Panel and click on the Add or Remove Programs
4. Highlight and select “Remove” to uninstall each of the programs which are listed below:
– Apple Software Update
– Bonjour
– iPod
– iTunes
– QuickTime
5. Follow the onscreen steps to finish each removal.
6. Check in the Registry Editor and manually delete the registry keys as listed below:
HKEY_CURRENT _USER/Software/Apple Computer, Inc.
HKEY_CURRENT _USER/Software/Apple Computer, Inc./iTunes
HKEY_CURRENT _USER/Software/Apple Computer, Inc./iTunes/Parental Controls
HKEY_CURRENT _USER/Software/Apple Computer, Inc./Quick Time
HKEY_CURRENT _USER/Software/Apple Computer, Inc./Quick Time/LocalUserPreferences

Forcibly uninstall the left over directories of the corrupted iTunes in case the higher version can not be installed. Typically, its directories are as follows:
C:Program FilesApple Software Update
C:Program FilesBonjour
C:Program FilesiPod
C:Program FilesiTunes
C:Program FilesQuickTime

All in all, the point to uninstall iTunes here is to make the remover brought the program run or forcibly uninstall the left over entries of it.

So the most important thing is to chose a software as proved to be capable of auto uninstall and forcible to uninstall iTunes and other unwanted programs from computer.