How to Copy a DVD to iPod

The introduction of the iPod video by apple was an excellent move and allowing people to watch movies on most new iPod devices is the best thing that ever happened to the great media player. However most people are left bemused to the fact of How to copy a DVD to an iPod, they simply cannot figure out how to upload there movies on it. Transferring DVD movies onto your iPod is a process that requires a few steps, you cannot simply drag and drop the movies through iTunes, to learn how you can copy a DVD to iPod continue reading…

First off in order to get a DVD onto your iPod you have to convert it into the iPod video format, which is MPEG-4; as a matter of fact to get any videos onto the system you will have to first get it into MPEG-4 format.

Now you can either use a common 3-step process that many tech-savvy computer geeks, who live and breathe computers, like to use or you could simply take the easy way out and copy DVD’s on your iPod using a simple one-step process.

Putting DVD’s on the media player by yourself is quite a mission and as I mentioned it requires 3 lengthy steps:

Step 1: You have to decrypt the DVD onto your Hard Drive; you need a program for this

Step 2: Convert the decrypted DVD into avi format; you need another program to perform this task

Step 3: Convert the avi file into MPEG-4, MOV format; once again you need another program for this

Step 4: Yeah this is the easy step – now you just upload it onto the iPod

As I mentioned it is quite a lengthy process and if you have a lot of DVD’s to copy onto your iPod then it can become pretty frustrating and time consuming. Not to mention all the different programs you will have to download and use, some of them are free while others cost a fair bit.

The other method is the simple way out, it involves grabbing good iPod video converter software, and then you can copy DVDs onto your iPod at the click of a button. It will do all the converting for you and the best part is that not only can you convert DVDs into mpeg-4 format but also all other videos you download off the net e.g. Divx, Xvid, avi, WMV, FLV, into Mpeg 4. So no matter where you got your videos from, whether it was YouTube or Limewire, rest assured you can still copy them onto your iPod.

Personally I use a program called Cucusoft DVD to iPod Converter, it is a great software that is free to download and can convert all DVDs into iPod format within minutes. All I have to do to Copy a DVD to iPod is simply load the program, select the DVD or video I would like to convert, let it convert and then simply upload it onto my iPod using iTunes. It is that simple, so if you like to Copy a DVD to iPod today then get a good video converter program and all your problems should be solved.