How to Recover Deleted iPod Files

iPods are the most popular music players used by us. iPod has become a good companion to music lovers that allows users to store both photos and music. You can customize music list and enjoy listening to unlimited songs that de-stress you. However, music and photos stored in the device can be lost due to many reasons.
Losing photos and music from iPod

Due to many reasons you can lose data from iPod and this include accidental deletion of files, while changing batteries, due to restoring to factory setting, due of accidental volume format, incorrect capacity, human error, software malfunctions and virus attacks. Any of the above reasons could lead to data loss from iPod. You might also lose your photos and music files from your iPod due to physical damage. The data lost due to logical errors or iPod related errors (except in the case of physical damage)can be recovered with the help of an iPod recovery software.

How to select a utility?

Select a good software which can recover deleted iPod music files, check if the utility can restore deleted music files from different file types like MP3, MP4, WAV, JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF and PNG. Check the application is compatible with both windows and Mac OS. Ensure the program allows you to preview the recovered files before saving. Preview helps to make iPod recovery easier. Extract the free demo version of the program to check the ability of the software in recovering deleted iPod files. Follow the steps to recover iPod files.

Download the application to your computer.
Connect the iPod to the system using USB connector
You can access iPod in your drive, if you cannot find the iPod drive right click iTunes, select iPod option, click the “Enable Disk Use” check box.
Run the iPod recovery software to perform recovery.
Follow the instructions and according to that recover deleted iPod files.