How to Remove Duplicate Songs?

The space of our iPod is limited while the number of songs is unlimited. People all hope that their iPod can hold as many pieces of songs as they like. But its space can never catch up with our desire.

How do Duplicate Songs exist?

Duplicate songs may have the same file name, the same song title or the same byte. We can’t remember whether we have downloaded this song or not, what format it is, how large it is. In such circumstance, we can easily and unconsciously download the same song again. We also use iTunes to synchronize the songs. However, iTunes can’t recognize which songs are duplicate, since they have been renamed in iTunes. It’s sure that there are many duplicate songs in our iPod and more in our computer.

How to Remove Duplicate Songs?

Another way is utility removal. We can use duplicate file removal utility to find and remove duplicate files for us, including duplicate documents, email, photos, songs etc. And it should support iPod as it is regarded as a removable device in computer. This removal method saves us lots of time and energy as well as the space of our iPod and computer hard disks.

Duplicate files occupy much space in our computer so that they will lag computer speed. Maybe it’s not obvious in iPod, but day by day, our computer will run slower and slower. After removing those duplicate songs or other things, we not only save our space but also make our iPod and hard disk tidier. Let’s enjoy our music.