iPod Alarm Clock – Wake Up In the New Generation

There are many ways to listen to your iPod or iPhone but a little known product is available to enhance your listening experience and make waking up in the morning more pleasant. Alarm clocks! You can now integrate your devices with your new bedside companion and kick your old “buzzer” to the curb.

Why replace your trusty alarm clock with the new generation of products? Because there is a lot more to these electronics than just the ability to wake you up in the morning. Most of these new “bedside buddies” come with some pretty impressive extras your old alarm clock could never compete with.

Your current alarm clock probably comes with an annoying buzzer or ringer that startles you in the morning so you start the day off on a bad foot. Even if you do not use the buzz feature but use the radio how often do you find a clear station at night but in the morning there are two stations fighting over the airways with a nice healthy dose of static thrown in. Not a very good way to wake up.

iPod alarm clocks will definitely change the way you look at waking up in the morning. Using one of these you have control over the way you wake up. Create a morning play-list or set it to random, and even set the buzzer if you like. Once you have woken up to your favorite music you can then get on with your morning routine continuing to jam to your beats.

There are many different add-ons to these docking stations such as vibrating attachment you can place under your pillow or mattress to ensure you wake-up, dual docking inputs, projecting time on the ceiling or wall and there is also iPod alarm clocks that have a LCD screen which can be used as a picture frame or mini-screen for your videos. Another great advantage of these components is the fact that they clean up that tangled mess of wires that is crawling up the leg of your night stand. While docked, the devices get charged while idle or playing music.

Along with cleaning up your bedside tangle, having one of these beside your bed will add style to your bedroom decor. The different designs available are very modern and sharp. If you are worried about forgetting to plug-in your iPod before bed, many products have you covered, they revert to the default buzzer or radio.

With all of the benefits that these amazing products offer it will be a shame to pass over the opportunity to buy one. It could be a small stereo, alarm clock, picture frame, video screen or just a nice, sharp piece that will fit perfectly with your other techno toys.