iPod Shuffle

I had often thought about purchasing an iPod, but the price always gave me pause. When Apple dropped the price of the Shuffle, I grabbed one. But I did fork over a little extra and get the 2GB version. You know, for $20 more, wouldn’t you?

The iPod Shuffle comes with all of the accessories you need right out of the box. You get the device itself, the ear bud headphones, and the docking device. You use the dock to connect your iPod to your computer. While docked, you can load songs from iTunes and charge the Shuffle.

And that brings us to one of the flaws of the device (and Apple in general). You can only load songs from their music player. Conveniently, anyone can download iTunes from Apple for free, so that isn’t a problem. It would, however, be nice if it was compatible with other programs. You also have to dock it into a computer to charge it.

Loading the Shuffle with songs is pretty simple. You can create a playlist for it to load or you can have it load up random songs.

The Shuffle is compact and lightweight. But what i love is the built-in clip that allows you to fasten it to your clothes. It’s ideal for exercising, and I bought mine mainly for that purpose. Weighing in at half an ounce, you don’t notice it and can practically forget about it once it’s attached.

The control interface is laid out well and straight-forward to use.

My main complaint is one I knew I would have before I even made the purchase. If you have a song on your iPod that you really want to hear, it can be pretty difficult to find, as there isn’t a screen. It can play from your play list or it can play randomly, but you have to do a lot of skipping around to get to a particular song.

The battery life is around 12 hours, so with approximately 500 songs, you would get over 30 hours of music. However, the only time it gives a battery indicator is right after you turn it on, so if you don’t check as soon as you turn it off, it could potentially be easy to run out of battery power sometime without realizing it was low.

You’ll have to decide if the extra storage of the 2GB Shuffle is worth it for you, but for just listening to some of your favorite songs while you occupy your time with something else, this model is perfect.