iPod Touch 32 GB – A Short Review

Apple introduced the revolutionary multi-touch user interface with iPhone, and now, it’s bringing it to iPod Touch. With the new iPod you can play music, watch video, and more just touch of a finger.

It is like in iPhone, where you can browse music and cover flow, and watch your favorite movies and TV shows in wide-screen. And because the Touch has WiFi built-in, you can buy music on a go from iTunes WiFi music store, and download right to your iPod Touch, surf the Internet, and check videos on YouTube. All on a iPod that is less than 8mm thin. For example:

– iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store

iPod Touch has Wi-Fi built-in, so when you are on Wi-Fi network, you can search, preview, purchase, and download millions of songs from the Apple iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store. The music downloads straight to your device and you can enjoy it right away.

The next time you sync your iPod to your computer, the music you bought on the goes is added to your iTunes library. Buying and discovering music on the iTunes Wi-Fi music store is easy on your newest iPod.

– Music

Music in the newest Apple gadget not only sounds amazing, it looks amazing too. Albums pop up over the large display, and similarly to iTunes, it lets you browse the entire music library by literally flipping through albums cover art.

– Video

With the slight weight design and two and a half inch display, iPod Touch is perfect for watching movies and TV shows wherever you go. To access movies, TV show, music videos, and video podcasts, tab the videos button. Videos and podcasts play in landscape format, but can be viewed in theatrical widescreen, and full screen.

The Internet

With built-in Wi-Fi, Safari Web browser, you have the Internet at your fingertips, and Web pages on your iPod Touch look like they do on your computer.