iPod Touch Taking Over Handheld Gaming

It’s funny really three years ago Apple showed the world the iPhone and they clearly had full attention of the birth of the App Store a year later after the announcement of the iPhone with all the patents they applied for at the time but I don’t think Apple expected the biggest part of the App Store to be gaming. Apple’s Mac has always had an image given to it by the public of it not being able to play games. Which in reality is completely untrue, it’s not that Macs can’t game it’s that a lot of game developers don’t bring their titles to the Mac platform. The Mac has always had games released on it, I mean just look at the exclusives made for it back in the 90’s and in the last decade we saw the most games ever on the Mac. Just this month Steam has been announced meaning gaming on a Mac is pretty much identical in game choice as the PC and the Mac will also have the in the cloud gaming service OnLive launching in June. The Mac in a lot of ways has brought gaming to where it is today, in the 90’s Macs were used a lot in game development but has shifted in the last decade towards making your game in Microsoft’s DirectX which means you have to use a PC to develop your game. The really true high end 3D is still dominated by Macs and game development isn’t looked upon being a high end 3D industry.

In the handheld gaming arena for years was only one player and that was Nintendo, many companies gave handheld gaming a go but Nintendo always came out on top. In recent years Sony have given Nintendo the biggest run for their money with the PSP worldwide sales being 57 million units and the DS selling 127 million units.

There are more iPhones and iPod Touch’s out in the world than PSP’s and it clearly shows that the iPhone and iPod Touch are selling much faster than the DS so this time next year Apple should have surpassed the DS in hardware sales.

Its not really about hardware sales its all about the games sales and the iPhone and iPod Touch made more revenue than the PSP last year. The DS had a 5% drop in revenue from 2008-2009. Apple are the only company having growth in revenue in the handheld game market.

Anyone can develop for the App Store where as on the PSP and DS it’s not the same case. The majority of App Store game developers are small non giant corporations.