iTunes Detected Corrupt iPod? Here is What You Can Do to Recover Data

Did you plug your iPod into a friend’s computer and watch all the data on your iPod being erased? Well, that can happen to anyone who doesn’t know about the auto sync feature. This function enables you to update your iPod faster. If you have enabled the auto sync feature, then whenever you connect your iPod to a computer, all your files would get replaced with the ones in iTunes. However, this function won’t help you if you connect your iPod to someone’s else computer. In such situations, you would end up replacing your songs and other files with the ones stored in your friends’ iTunes application. In order to deal data loss situations, you can look up to restoring your iPod data by using an appropriate backup. However, in absence of a backup, you must consider using an iPod recovery software.

Is it possible to recover lost data?

I know you must be wondering whether it is actually possible to recover lost iPod data or not. It is very much possible. When a file is deleted from an iPod’s disk, it is never deleted forever. The disk only marks the space as available whilst retaining the file’s content on the same location. The files can be recovered until a new file overwrites the data. Therefore, you have a good chance of recovering data using an appropriate iPod Recovery utility.

How can a recovery utility prove helpful?

An advanced recovery utility extracts the lost data from an iPod in many instances including accidental deletion, unintentional or intentional formatting the iPod, disk corruption issues, restoring the iPod and more. Moreover, a recovery utility recovers data from an iPod in minimal time and a hassle-free way.

How to select a recovery tool?

The possibilities of successfully recovering the iPod data also depends on the tool you select for the purpose. Therefore, this task must be accomplished after doing thorough research. A good iPod recovery software must have the following attributes:

· It should support all audio, video and photo formats
· It should recover iPod data in all possible data loss circumstances
· It should be read-only
· It should incorporate simple and graphical user interface

Stellar Phoenix iPod Recovery is a powerful and user-friendly software which recovers lost, deleted or formatted iPod data from Classic and Shuffle models. Available for both Windows and Mac, this iPod recovery tool recovers songs, videos, pod casts, audio books, graphics, text files, documents etc.