Make Radios a Thing of the Past

Some newer models of cars come with an adapter so that you can easily listen to your iPod. However, this option is not available in many models, and more than likely you are going to need to make some minor adjustments to listen to your favorite tunes. This is when an iPod car adapter comes in handy. With some options, you can do it yourself within minutes!

Depending on how much money you want (or can afford) to spend, there are several options. The cassette adapter is a good choice if your car came equipped with a cassette player, although the sound quality is not quite as good as more costly options. If a little interference does not bother you, this is a good choice.

One of the best iPod car adapters available today are the Metra. This brand offers many features and a sound quality you most likely won’t find with other adapters. To use this one, you either disconnect the factory CD changer, or your satellite radio. This allows simple plug and play installation for those who aren’t especially technically inclined.

Once your CD changer is disconnected, you simply plug the Metra into the CD changer port and then into your iPod, and you are ready to go anywhere with your favorite music! The newest version of the Metra even allows you to control all of your tunes from the factory stereo of your car. This means your iPod doesn’t have to be within close range of you, because you can easily switch right from the control buttons on your stereo.

Whether you choose a lower cost iPod car adapter or a more expensive one, you will love having the capability to listen to your playlist everywhere you go. Radio stations often seem to play more commercials than they do music, but you no longer have to live with that aggravation! Learn more about iPod car adapters and which option is perfect for your situation.