Protecting Your iPod

Protecting your iPod and iPod accessories from damage is the only way to make sure that you get the most out of them. Always remember to fill out and send in your warranty cards in the event that something goes wrong and your product requires replacement. And keep in mind that iPod accessories should always be stored in a dry temperate place when not in use.

If you think that those colorful cases are just for convenience and cosmetic purposes, you’re wrong. Believe it or not, iPods are actually fragile, and the electronic components inside of them weaken every time that the device is dropped. When water enters one of these devices, either through accidental immersion or by being exposed to rain, there is always a chance that the electronic components inside of them can become damaged or corroded. So In general, do not drop your iPod. While this may not preventable in all circumstances, you should make sure to purchase a protective case and should avoid using your player on a rainy day and or exposing the earphone jacks and electronic parts of the earphones to water.

You’ve probably seen plenty of joggers with iPods, and maybe you are one yourself. Music is a great motivator, but the repeated jostling motion of jogging and other types of exercise can also weaken these devices over time, which is why one of the most popular iPod accessories that Apple sells is the iPod armband. If you have one of the bigger iPod models, try holding it in your hand and again, purchasing a strong and sturdy case for it to prevent it in the event that you drop it.

While this next tip may seem like a strange one, it is a good idea to not overcharge your battery. Why? In actuality, charging your iPod every time that the battery meter reaches fifty percent or frequently overcharging them can actually reduce the battery life.

You should also avoid using your earphones and related iPod accessories at top volume. This can damage them over time, and is not good for your ears either.

With a little care and maintenance, your iPod and iPod accessories should last for a long time. Use common sense and follow the user instructions, and be sure to keep your iPod healthy, and of course, back up all of your songs and data on another hard drive, just in case.