Read Kindle Books on the iPod Touch

If you wish to read books from Kindle Store, you do not have to buy Kindle e-book reader. It is possible to read Kindle ebooks even if you do not have your Kindle ebook reader with you or if you do not own a Kindle ebook reading device. Kindle ebook reader is Amazon’s modern reading device that wirelessly downloads books, magazines and newspapers to high definition electronic screen that looks and reads like true paper. Amazon has pursued a strategy of making Kindle ebooks available across multiple gadgets. Users are able to read and sync their Kindle books on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, PCs, and soon BlackBerry. If you have iPod Touch or iPhone, the Kindle reader app is a free download.

You can not purchase Kindle books in Apple’s App Store. Customers must still purchase those ebooks through the Kindle Store – either on a Kindle wireless reading device or through a Web browser on a computer or one of the Apple devices. You can get free book samples; read the first piece for free before you decide to purchase. After that, ebooks you’ve bought are wirelessly moved to the iPhone or iPod via Amazon’s servers. There are more than 620,000 ebooks in Kindle Store including many of the New York Times bestsellers.

At the present time, Kindle newspapers, magazines, and blogs are not available on the iPod touch or iPhone- a lot of that material is offered anyway on the iPhone via the Web.

Flipping pages on iPod Touch is really simple – just swipe the display lightly with your finger. You can change the font size (5 sizes), bookmark pages for later references, and search the Table of Contents. A little bit bigger display would make it a little easier to read, but I didn’t find the small iPod Touch display to be annoying.

You can begin reading on the Kindle book reader, switch to the iPod Touch and basically go back and forth without losing your place. Books you’ve already purchased for the Kindle ebook reading device, certainly, can be placed on the iPhone or iPod Touch as well.