Recycle Your Old iPod for Cash and Help Save the Environment

As there has been very few iPod recycling programs in the past many people would have simply put their old iPod in the bin where it would end up on landfill sites and subsequently cause damage to the environment. With the recent boom in the mobile recycling industry, iPods are now being looked at as being much more valuable items. Many mobile phones recycling companies have now started offering people the chance to return their old iPods for cash payments.

There are also some charities in the UK that offer an iPod recycling service to consumers. Once you have returned your old iPod they may either sell the internal parts for cash and then donate the money to the charities they support. Alternatively they may just donate the whole iPod to people in other countries that don’t have the money to afford portable music devices.

The other option that allows you to earn some money for yourself is to send your old iPod into one of the many online mobile recycling companies that now exist. These companies originally started out just recycling mobiles but as they got more popular they have moved onto other electronic devices such as iPods and iPhones.

One you have located one of these specialist online iPod recycling companies simply enter the model number of your iPod or select it from the list, on the following screen you will be given a quote, if you are happy with the price quoted simply send it in using the address provided. Once your old iPod has been received it will be checked over and then you will be sent your payment via either cheque or bank transfer. This is a great way to sell your old iPod and at the same time help to save the environment.