Removes Duplicates

If you are like most people, you have hundreds of songs on your iPod. Unfortunately you notice that some of them are duplicates. But knowing how time consuming going through every single song on your iPod is going to be, you probably just leave the duplicates on there taking up valuable space. Well now iTunes removes duplicates automatically within your iTunes software quickly and easily.

First thing you want to do is connect your iPod to your computer and open iTunes. Once there, in the top left corner under Library, you want to highlight music. This way you see all songs in your library. You can change how you view the music either by album, artist name, or song title. However, that has no bearing on the duplicates when you do it automatically. If you choose to do them one by one you would have to change the view to song title, then go one by one removing the duplicate songs. Depending on how many songs you have this could take a long time.

To save time, once you have your list of songs viewable, you want to go to File at the very top left. In the drop down, choose ‘Display Duplicates. This will show you a list of all songs that are duplicated. This is where you would want to sort your list by date added. Next, you will want to choose the song that has the oldest date on there. Hold the shift key while you also click the newest date. This will highlight all the duplicates. Delete the duplicates by selecting delete on your keyboard, or by going to ‘edit’ and ‘delete’ in iTunes.

In a sense, iTunes removes duplicates quickly and easily and prevents you from having more duplicates. Occasionally though, some do still end up duplicated, if that happens just follow the instructions again and remove the duplicates the same way. Once you re-sync your iPod with iTunes it will also remove the duplicates of your device. Now you can fit more songs and apps on your iPod now that you removed the duplicates and made more room. Maybe a video or two?

Of course, even using the tools inside of iTunes to do this automatically may not be what you want. While iTunes does this effectively, the fact that you will have to do this repetitive and boring task frequently may be a cause for concern. After all, computers are really good at repetitive and boring tasks.

Luckily, there are some 3rd party products that can help with this. Read on to get more information regarding the use of these products, and what they can do for your iTunes library and. Of course, you would also save a significant amount of time.