Speaker Systems

Portable music has come a long way since the days of the walkman in the 1980s. The walkman, popularized by Sony, allowed music addicts to travel with their favorite music in cassettes wherever they went as long as they had enough batteries to keep the device running. Then the walkman met its nemesis, the Discman, also released by Sony although Phillips electronics was the brains behind the switch from cassette to compact disc. Compact discs or CDs, introduced studio sound music to the public and music quality has never been the same again. But CDs are also cumbersome and large and therefore had to store. They are also not friendly to extremes of temperatures and can be scratched and easily damaged just like the prehistoric vinyl 12′ records of the 60s and 70s. To counter this, Apple Computers invented the iPod which at this point is the ultimate in portable music and video.

The iPod boasts a huge memory capacity and therefore the ability to store, not one, but hundreds of CDs! This means that instead of traveling with a bagful of CDs and cassettes, one can easily download their entire music collection in digital format to their iPod. One can therefore walk or travel or jog or go camping with a small portable iPod containing thousands of songs.
Recently, Apple came up with portable speakers for the iPod. These are hugely popular because instead of one person listening to their music using their headsets, more than one person can enjoy quality music or podcasts. This can be highly ideal especially for college students and study groups who need to listen to podcasts.

When shopping for iPod speakers, there is as wide an array as there are manufacturers. This is because other than the regular household names’ consumer electronics manufacturers, there are many other manufactures who have capitalized on the rise of the iPod and are now creating speakers and other accessories. When discussing the best speakers, we need to examine the need. Some people’s usage is more than others. The brands that are currently hot in the market right now are Logitech, which is a respected computer speakers and accessories maker. For anywhere between $90 and $200, you can find decent Logitech iPod speakers which boast quality sound. Altec Lansing is another company that has gained a name for itself especially when it comes to speakers. Altec has also been manufacturing car stereo speakers for a while and they therefore have the experience to back their quality. A pair of iPod Altec Lansing speakers will cost you around $150.00 although the same company also produces more costly iPod speakers called the InMotion i600 and the Pure-Fi Dream which can run you close to $200.00. The Chestnut Hill Sound George have also gained renown due to their exceptional sound quality but these can range about $500.00 and are therefore on the pricy side. iPod speakers are definitely here to stay and anyone serious about transforming their musical experience should invest in these.