Unable to Restore Or Update the iPod

Sometimes your iPod may show you strange behavior and does not work properly. In such cases, you may need to restore it or update it to sort out the problem. Restoration method restores your iPod in previous working state and possibly fix the current problems. Updating the updates its data structures and system files to make it work more effectively. However, in some cases, it may become inaccessible or unusable when you try to restore or update it. This behavior may lead to critical data loss and require iPod Recovery to extract lost data.

In a practical scenario, you may come across any of the following symptoms while restoring or updating your iPod:

iPod continually restarts, but does not display Home screen.
The restore or update does not complete successfully and the iPod is not longer recognized by the iTunes.
It stops responding, displaying the Apple logo without any progress bar or stopped progress bar.

In order to resolve this problem and perform iPod Data Recovery in such situations, you need to place in recover mode and try to restore it again. In some cases, it automatically goes into the recover mode after a restore or update issue. You can try to restore the iPod using iTunes application, if it is already in the recovery mode.

How to place your iPod in recovery mode:

Disconnect USB cable from iPod.
Do not disconnect the cable from computer.
Turn off the iPod.

Reconnect USB cable, while pressing Home button. After this the iPod should power on automatically.
This process connects your it in recovery mode. Use iTunes for restoring the device.

If the restoration process fails in recovery mode as well, you have to restore factory settings to fix the problem. Although, this method is able to resolve all the problems, but it also removes all data from the disk and need iPod data Recovery Software to work around the problem.

The iPod Recovery applications are particularly designed to scan the disk and extract lost, missing, and inaccessible data from it. They come equipped with interactive graphical user interface and thus do not require sound technical skills. These recovery tools do not alter or update original data on the disk as they have read-only conduct.