Unknown Error 3234 in the iPod

iTunes is the interface software that allows an iPod to interact with a computer system and transfer files. Using iTunes, you can also update or restore your iPod. At times, you face issues while performing these tasks. The process fails with an error message. However, after successfully restoring your iPod, you need to get the lost data using your backup. If backup fails or is currently not available, iPod Data Recovery applications can serve as complete recovery tools for lost data.

You might receive the below error message while trying to update or restore your iPod:

“An unknown error occurred ( -3234), make sure Internet connection is active”

The similar error message is also received when you try to connect to the iTunes Store.

o Apple provides iTunes Store as the online digital media store. It is one of the leading online music vendors.


You have installed a security pack with your Internet connection software.


To solve the existing issue, you need to remove the parental control by following these steps:

o You should right-click the TDC-securitypack icon, which displays in System tray.
o Select the TDC-securitypack icon from its shortcut menu
o Check if TDC parental control-guide is used or not. If not, run through it.
o Next, you need to login in TDC parental control with administrator rights
o Then, you need to select the products to be installed and deselect the TDC parental control box. Choose for Apply Now
o Parental control will be removed after you will restart the system
o You can then try to connect to the iTunes Store, update the iPod or restore the iPod

After you restore your iPod, you should use your backup. But when backup cannot give the required results, iPod Recovery tools can be used. These are powerful tools that can locate and restore all files and folders from an iPod. Moreover, you can use such iPod Data Recovery software in all logical cases of data loss. These software are graphically rich applications with read-only design and effective recovery options.

Stellar Phoenix iPod Recovery is the comprehensive iPod Reocvery tool that recovers lost data from iPods. It is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. It can restore all music files, pod casts, audio books, documents and graphic files. This read-only tool supports iPod generations like iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iPod Shuffle and iPod Mini. It provides advanced features like File Mask, File Filter etc.