What Features Will Be Included With The iPod Touch 5?

There has been a lot of speculation by industry insiders and Apple iPod enthusiasts regarding what form the next generation of iPod Touch devices will take. The fifth generation Apple iPod Touch is expected to be released in September of 2011, and by analyzing current industry trends and technological innovations we can get a fairly good idea about what kinds of features will be made available. So even though the iPod 4 has only been with us a short time, let’s delve into speculation and extrapolation in order to generate a prediction about what we can expect from the next version. Keep in mind that this is just a prediction, and only time will tell how much of it is on the mark

It is predicted there will be four 5th generation iPod Touch models available to the market: a 16 gigabyte model costing around $230, a 32 gigabyte model costing around $300, a 64 gigabyte model costing around $370, and a 128 gigabyte model costing around $430. This guess is made by simple extrapolation from current trends of the past generations of iPod Touch models, and most analysts agree on numbers similar to these. It is expected that the RAM memory of the next generation will be upgraded to 512 megabytes, twice the current capacity of 256 megabytes.

Many expect the next generation of iPod Touch models to sport a higher definition rear facing camera that is more on par with the one included with the Apple iPhone. This would mean an upgrade to 5 megapixels or greater, which will help those who love to take pictures to get those high definition shots that they’re after.

The Apple iPod Touch 5 is expected to run on iOS 4.3, which is currently in development but has been released as a Beta so that we can get some idea of what to expect. There’s a lot of excitement over plans to incorporate multi touch gestures in the new operating system upgrade, so users can use more than two fingers in order to generate quick and easy ways of navigating through the system and manipulating applications. There are also indications that Apple is planning on including new camera effects with iOS 4.3, as well as the ability to create a personal hotspot using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB.

There are signs that Apple is also planning on upgrading its display to become even more impressive than the current very high resolution Retina display. Rumors abound regarding a new make of processor and graphic card, and it’s considered likely that the new display will use IPS (in plane switching) technology. What’s more, many expect that the new iPod Touch will feature 3D capabilities that can be viewed at multiple angles without the need of 3D glasses. Reports are that Apple has been granted a patent in the U.S. for just such a display system, which could be a very exciting feature for iPod Touch enthusiasts.

If all of these features are indeed included in the next generation of iPod Touch models, it will indeed be a very exciting release. And perhaps Apple will even surprise us with features that nobody’s even thinking about yet. The public awaits the answer with baited breath.