Which Is Better iPod Touch or the iPod Classic

There is some question in the minds of consumers as to which is better: the iPod Touch or the iPod Clasic. Both have some advantages and disadvantages. Figuring out what you want in your new electronic device proportional to the price you are willing to pay for the technology is simple when you compare the features of each device.

The iPod Classic has 160 gb of memory for songs and mp3s, which is roughly the equivalent of 40,000 songs, and will allow you to download up to 200 hours of video to take with you on the go. It is bigger and bulkier than the Touch, with no touch controls or touchscreen capabilities, and no Internet access. The original price of the iPod Classic was around 250 pounds. If you are willing to pay for the contract, you can buy an iPhone with touchscreen and wireless Internet for less than the price of the iPod Classic or the iPod Touch.

On the other side of the coin is the iPod Touch, with 32 gb of song memory, or 7,000 songs, and a video storage capacity of only 20 hours of video. It does, however, boast easy access to the social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, and an on-screen keyboard for emails and such. When you take into account that the iPhone boasts these same features for less the price minus your contract, it is easy to see why the iPod Classic would be a first choice for music lovers. Some have noted Internet access that was spotty at best on the iPod Touch, as well as a much smaller song and video capacity than the Classic. The nail in the coffin for many when the iPod Touch came out was the price tag of over 300 pounds, considerably more than the cost of the iPod Clssic.

The line of argument is that for those who value Internet access and social networking, the iPhone is the logical choice, but if what you are looking for is a great music player to hold your ever expanding music and movie collection, the iPod Classic meets this need better than the iPod Touch for its simple interface, much larger memory capacity, and lower price. The iPod Touch was made for those who want social networking and on-the-go Internet access on their music player, and it meets this need adequately. However, most audiophiles will feel that is leaves something to be desired compared to its original counterpart, the iPod Classic.